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Welcome to New Smile Dental Spa, a leading dental centre in Kuwait, introducing the concept of “Spa Dentistry”. Designed to create a relaxing, indulgent atmosphere; our well appointed dental centre might make you forget you are at the dentist.

Dr. Balsam Behbehani and her team have taken patient comfort and dental treatment to a whole new level making each dental visit a stress free, restful and even more enjoyable at New Smile Dental Spa.

Our philosophy is that a relaxed patient is one who suffers less and whose treatment is most effective. Our main priority at New Smile Dental Spa is to cover all your dental needs under one roof where we provide you with the best services in a comfortable & pampering environment. We are dedicated to give you the highest level of dental care and individualized luxurious spa treatment.

New Smile Dental SPA doesn’t look, smell or feel like a normal traditional dental office, it is more than a tooth treatment for us. Upon entering the door way, you will hear soft relaxing piano tunes. A timeless elegance and a tranquil décor will unfold before your eyes. A concierge will greet you and offer you a cheerful, friendly welcome ensuring that you are a valued and treasured guest.

If you are interested in receiving personalized dental care in a pampering and relaxing environment, then NSDS is for you. It is our honor and privilege to serve you!


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